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About the Climate Tweetoscope

When the media or us talk about climate change, we mean temperatures, storms, droughts, cyclones, polar bears ; while the researchers talk about observations, circulation models, temperature anomalies …

But do the concerns of scientists sometime converge with those of the general public and media? This is what you can see thanks to climate Tweetoscope which offers interactive exploration of topics related to climate change and its consequences. Analyzing the news of the Web since May 2015, the Tweetoscope aims to provide an evolving collective representation of questions and debates on this major societal issue.

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The Tweetoscope is also on display at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie Museum in the exhibition Le Climat à 360°

Contribute to the Climate Tweetoscope

The Climate Tweetoscope is a crowsourcing project where scientists as well as citizens can contribute, spot important topics, categorize tweets, and much more.

Crowdsourcing features will be released all along the COP21 and beyond. Your input will be usefull for us to update the maps and add additional information.

Currently, you can contribute directly from Tweetoscope suggesting new terms for the next updates of the maps. In our playground, you will have access to an extended amount of information that could help you in identifying hot topics.

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